The Wellspring Worship Family is made up of some incredibly gifted and annointed worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, producers and creatives. Our prayer is that in all we do, we lead people closer to Jesus through music and creativity. To find out more about who we are and stay up to date with events and worship releases, follow us on social media or head over to our MUSIC page.

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Watford-based band – Luxford – write, record and release music that tells stories of life and love, ups and downs, and all that is in-between. They are always looking to gig around the local town and area – and beyond – to take the light of Christ into the darkest of places. Follow their their social media to keep up to date with the latest gig dates, or head over to our MUSIC page to check out their latest releases.

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Wellspring Worship’s very own – Bethany Roberts – writes some of the most honest, raw, relatable and authentic lyrics you’ll hear…and her songs are guaranteed to stay in your head for days, weeks, and months! Keep up to date with her music via social media, and check out her debut EP, released in December 2017,  via our MUSIC page.




Some of the most creatively gifted humans on the planet, and we are blessed to call them part of the Wellspring Worship family. Nathan & Meredith play a HUGE part in the production of our Worship releases, as well as heading up LUXFORD and writing, recording and releasing some of their own projects. Check out their latest release – an stunning Instrumental Worship EP called ‘Deeper’, released in April 2018,  via our MUSIC page.